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Extraordinary Scrunchie

Extraordinary Scrunchie

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Scrunchies are aplenty; but how many can actually hold your essentials in them? 

Our Extraordinary Scrunchie is a perfect companion on days when you don't have pockets, or when you need to reach for something important easily - like a mini hand sanitizer, ear buds, or loose change! A hidden zipper makes the Extraordinary Scrunchie an instant pocket that you can wear around your wrist or hair!


  • Made with high-quality premium Korean velvet
  • Smooth and lustrous
  • Matching hidden zipper
  • A set of 5 comes in a complimentary holiday pouch - perfect as a gift!

Colours available:

  • Dusty Pink
  • Fairytale Blue
  • Silvery Grey
  • Duchess Blue
  • Chic Black
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